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Coach Jio Lucci is the new, up and coming Quarterback coach who not only instructs and teaches meticulous skills but puts the athletes in game situation mode. His keen eye, referenced by many, has transformed good
athletes into phenomenal football players - many of whom had never put on a pair of shoulder pads. His eye
for talent is incisive, and he's always honest and direct. His technique in the "Practice Like You Play" method
gets the Quarterback better mentally prepared and game ready.

Coach Jio's passion for the game is second to none. He was a safety going into college(turned Quarterback)
but for personal reasons had to stop his quest in football. He had an invitation to participate at a Pro Combine
for "walk- on" players but did not pursue it. He then went on to play Quarterback and Safety in the PFFL (Pro
Flag Football League), and in that PASSING INTENSE LEAGUE guided the L.A. Bandits to 10 winning seasons. Jio
says, "The love of the game is always there and instills in me the passion to be on the field and work with
these fine athletes to teach them how to achieve at the highest level." This is the thought process that Jio
brings - to achieve and to play at your highest level.

In coaching, Coach Jio has kept his same passion that he brought as a player and has satisfied that passion
with a total winning style. He was the head coach of the West Bruins program and was sought by many high
schools because of his winning records, his team preparedness, his players discipline and desire to succeed,
and, most important of all, the direct approach to teaching quarterbacks. His four-year record with the Bruin
program was 51-11, with three divisional titles, one conference title, and two West Coast nationals titles. His
team set a club record with a 29-game winning streak over three years. With Jio as the offensive coordinator,
the high school football team for whom he coached went 9-1 for the 2005 season. He has coached athletes
who are now starting players at, among others,Loyola High, Notre Dame Sherman Oaks, Carson, Beverly Hills
High, Hamilton High, Oaks Christian, Verbum Dei and Culver City High. The West Bruin program has sent
several fine athletes to the college ranks, and in 2003 two former Bruin players were in the NFL draft,one of
which played in the 2004 Super Bowl.
Quarterback Training Combine Coaches
Focus, with his staff, on details that need referred to him
as "The Hawk." His staff of specialty trainers is impeccably
prepared and experienced. Guaranteed, this staff will
make fine Quarterbacks out of the athletes who attend.
The combine will then ranks as they strive to reach the
levels of Montana, Manning, Brady and others.

Altheletes reach top shape through the high level of drills.
(QB: 1st in completion %)

2006/2007: Head Quarterback Coach: Quarterback Combine
2007/2008: Head Quarterbacks Coach: Quarterback Combine
2008/2009: Head Quarterback Coach: Quarterback Combine
2009/2010: Head Quarterbacks Coach:  Quarterback Combine
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