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$2500.00 due in full.
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$500 per single session
The private training by Head Quarterbacks Coach Jio Lucci has proven itself through
the years.

The athletes trained by Coach Lucci are starters at their High Schools and have
excelled tremendously at position.

The athlete has cutting edge.

Coach Lucci prepares the athlete to be razor sharp, game ready, builds the confidence
and enables the Quarterback to perform under pressure.

Private Training is exclusively done by Coach Lucci.
"People always want to know about performance, experience and having confidence in a Coach...
to coach".

"Coaches.... there are many that have been around for a long time...  but, the key in Coach Lucci and Staff
is, they are here now and out-performing them all - .right now. They are performing at the highest level to
get each and every one of their athletes in a position to compete, have an edge, have full knowledge,
smarts and accomplish the task to "Start" at position.

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Coach Lucci defines the athlete to the offensive sets their school runs. This is an extreme benefit for the
Quarterback. He instructs in detail and speed on how to master the quarterback position to the offensive
sets such as, the shotgun spread offense, west coast offense, under center with multiple backs, pro sets,
power I, zone read option, wing T, option sets and more. The Quarterback needs the extra work and
repetitions to fine tune and "polish" the athlete. Coach Lucci is an offensive "Guru" at this. Coach makes
it a point to break bad habits and unorthodox throwing motions.

Quarterbacks will occasionaly train with other QBs to get a competitive mind set. There is a "reason" for
everything Coach Lucci does in the Private Training of QBs, the angles viewed, getting a competive edge,
learning your offense, exchanges perfect with speed and grace. Session days are flexible. The benifit to
have sessions back to back is strongly recommended. More reps, the better.
Cost: $250.00 @ 10 Sessions: $2,500.
Training is year round
Location: West Los Angeles area
Bookings: open to any day of the week
1 hr. - 1 1/2 hr / depending on how
agressive the workout gets
Single Day / Multiple Days booking
The private training fine tunes and gives full knowledge at the
quarterback position.

The athlete will then take those skills and knowledge and showcase them in games,
football camps and compete with confidence.
Multiple sets included
Offensive sets reviewed
QB competitive scenario
QB Speed Work
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2 Year:  Five 10 Session Blocks
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QB Speed Work
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Set up College profile/ video
20 Sessions:   $4,500.00  
    (save 500.00)
(ONE BLOCK= 10 Sessions)
Call 1.310.709.5701 For Cost

The Long Term package elevates the
savings tremendously.


(inquire  with  Staff  or  Coach  for  Info)
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for  Upgrade  Program.
QB Speed Work installed
all incl. with/private training