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Coach Jio,

I thought  you might be interested in seeing how one of your former students is doing.  JJ Dunn is now 6’2;
185 lbs and is a junior at a private boarding school in CT, the Canterbury School.  Over the last 8 years, the
Canterbury School has put over 88 players onto college football rosters including a 1st round NFL draft pick
two years ago.  JJ was recruited from North Carolina to play for the Saints, is the starter and is having a
great year.  He is currently being recruited by over 14 schools and below are his highlights from the 1st half
of this year, his junior season.


We have you to thank for helping to put him on that path.  Hope all is well at the QB Combine.

All the best,

Jim Dunn

James J. Dunn
Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
Wake Forest University
P.O. Box 7354
Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Office 336 758-4240
Fax  336 758-4241
**THANKS ***
"Thanks" to all of those who have written in.

The QB Combine also sends it's thanks to
all the High Schools in which the athlete
attends, High School and Youth Football
coaches who have sent their quarterbacks
and athletes to the Combine.

We have received letters and
correspondence from over 100 High Schools
in Southern and Northern California.

The Quarterback Combine is determined
and dedicated in every aspect to bring out
the best in the athlete, make the athlete a
competitor with relentless skills and to just
get better.

Our theory and thought level is, "if your
good", they (meaning scouts & recruits), will
find you.

The Quarterback Combines purpose is to
make the athlete, The Best of The Best.
© 2008 Quarterback Combine. All rights reserved.
From: Howard N. Barnes  
Subject: RE: Coach Lucci
Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well coach again u have outdone yourself. i was amazed at the production and the
effort put in by you and your staff. one name truly stood out to me simply because
he played at the school my son attended darius banks. my son chose to play
lacrosse in his last couple of years at culver city because he thought he`d have a
better oppurtunity to get a scholarship.

One my sons best friends there was damien white who was shot and killed at an
party that he and my son and other athletes were attending, my son hasn`t been
the same since being that this incident occured so close to him and to such a dear
friend to him. i truly hope the inner city and the even more well to do prospects
realize what a priceless
oppurtunity they have to have your tutledge at there disposal.

i am humbled when i see the effort that you have put into the combine and trly
thank you from my heart fr the high recommedation to have young nava come
play along side my son and te rest of the compton vikings again thank you. last
but not least im a big hat wearing coach maybe i missed it but where can i
purchase the combine hat that you
were wearing? the design with the guy in throwing motion was amazing and i have
to have one to wear on my sidelines.
tank you again coach lucci i shall be in touch.
(Athlete D'Anthony Thomas "Black Mamba" Univ. Of Oregon)

From: Bill and Kristi Bradbury  
Subject: Re: 2010 Quarterback Combine:
Thank You From Coach Lucci
To: "QB Staff" <staff@qbcombine.com>
Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is Kristi Bradbury, mom of senior Beverly Hills High WR
Daniel Bradbury.   Daniel and I wanted Coach Jio to know that
he will be playing football this fall at San Jose State University!  

Jio's generosity and care helped get Daniel to this level.   
Please forward this message to him from us.

Thank you!
Bill and Kristi Bradbury


From: Angela Esslinger
Subject: RE: Quarterback Combine News 2010
To: "'QB Staff'" <staff@qbcombine.com>
Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hi Gio and all of the QB staff!  I love seeing what these kids are doing.
After these past 5+ years you start getting to know some of the boys.  We
are soooo excited to let you know that Ryan Esslinger has won the spot of
the starting QB for Whittier Christian High School.  He did well in passing
leagues and scrimmages during the summer and starts his season against
Ontario Christian this Friday.  Hopefully we will have some good news for
you next week!  Can't tell you how many people compliment Ryan on his foot
work and how quick he picks up his receivers!  Thanks too all of you who
have pushed Ryan over these past years to be the best he can.

Angela Esslinger

"For I know the plans I have for you..." declares the Lord...  "plans to
prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."


From: Jack Lathuras  
Subject: RE: Quarterback Combine News 2010
To: staff@qbcombine.com
Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Thanks for working with Matt. He is looking forward to a great season.
You improved his game tremendously.

It must be very gratifying to see so many of your boys doing well.
I know that in the brutal Serra League, 3 of the 5 starting QBs are trained by you.
That ain't bad!
Jack Lathuras  


From: Nora Masterson
Subject: Re: Fw: News: QB Combine ------ QBS
To: "QB Staff" <staff@qbcombine.com>
Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 4:30 PM

Wow, all great news! It makes us parents realize that if we don't find the
resources to get extra training, our sons don't stand a chance! Sports are so
competitve nowadays, talent and discipline are just the beginning.
We appreciate the generosity of the QB combine in allowing our son
to particpate in the Lineman Combine!

From: Jennifer Mayes  
Subject: Re: Corey: Message from Coach Lucci
To: "QB Staff" <staff@qbcombine.com>
Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010,

Coach- this is mom... What a game! Cory was confident and just looked like a pro
out there! What a way to open up the season after that long battle! I never had
any doubt he could do it.. And you definitely made that happen- sure is nice  now
HE knows!! And props to you - you would have been proud!

Jennifer Mayes


From: Rolland Esslinger  
Subject: Ryan Esslinger
To: staff@qbcombine.com
Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010, 9:48 AM

Dear Coach Lucci:

Wanted to let you know how one of your pupils (Ryan Esslinger) did in his
first game.  Ryan is a freshman and is the starting QB on the Junior Varsity
team at Whittier Christian.  Yesterday he led his team to a 28-6 victory
over Ontario Christian.  Ryan was 11 for 12, 96 yards and a touchdown.  
Thanks for building into him!  Also...one of the receivers that came with
Ryan to the last combine (Dylan Murphy) opened the game with an 80 yard
kick off return for a touchdown.  

The QB Combine freshman were leading the way!


Rolland Esslinger, Athletic Director
Whittier Christian High School

For Coach Lucci...... Evan participated in the National Underclassman Combine
benched 5 reps @ 135, while other QB's were benching 155, he step and 5 step
drops, and his throwing "showcase" all the skills he has developed  fron attending
your combine and solo sessions. He couln't have done it without you. We both
extend our thanks for
your hard work and dedication to the player. See you Sunday.

Greg Hunko 2/28/09
Father of Evan Hunko
QB: Mayfair High School

TO:  All Coaches at the QB Combine
I received the e mail that was sent to my dad, and really
appreciated the time you took to write it. But what I am
more grateful for was the hard work and dedication you
all displayed while trying to make us better, and more
ready for the next level. I feel the same hard work and
time I put into The Quarterback Combine was honestly
reciprocated and I appreciated all the coaching I received.....
I would be glad to help in anyway I can in the future and
wish everyone the best of luck.

Dayne Crist
Elite 13 Quarterback 2008

Thank you so Much for Everything!! I thought I was going
to be able to say one more good bye and thank you in
person--but I'll say it here. I truly appreciate how you worked
with Issac this past week and got him prepared. I was so
nervous about the outcome because of what I saw. (in reference
to him throwing the Shot Put that changed his throwing motion).
However you corrected all of the bad habits and terrible throwing.

Thank you so much for coaching him. He took every word you said
about practicing at home, seriously. The only time he said anything
all week about his practices was when he spoke to his dad on the
phone after practice yesterday:  Issac said he was going to have
to throw the ball every day about 120 times with him. He also
thanked his dad for the money he spent and letting him go to
Coach Jio. This was a nice surprise to hear.
WOW! This was a good week. Thank you Coach Jio!!!

Polly Kay
Issac Kay Quarterback
2nd Baptist HS
Houston Texas

Your impeccable style at detail was a great booster
in my sons football skills. You have instilled in him on what
it takes to b ea football player at the high school level. He is
now attending Notre Dame and the effect of playing in your
system has prepared him for this high level task.
Missy Gerski,
Notre Dame High School
Los Angeles California


Your teachings for my son at the quarterback level was the
best and very influential. He is now attending high school
and is in battle for the starting quarterback spot.
You run a tight ship and it has paid off.
Rick Casey,
Las Vegas Nevada


Coach Jio is one of the most detailed, fundamentally sound in the   
skills and mechanics in teachings of the quarterback position.
His eye for the player in which he implements the position and
fine tunes the quarterback skills are unmeasured.
Coach Ken Gales,
Upland, California


Coach, your boys did a great job in the tournaments. The win streak at (29
games in a row)  was verified by the way your team played and how well
coached they were.  
Excellent job to you and your staff.
West Coast Nationals Football,
Director of Athletics


Jio, I’v know you for 20 years, played aside you for 10.
You have not changed,   will not change and all you know
how to do is win. Keep up the great work. Wish I was still in
California to enjoy the fireworks. I have never seen a Quarterback
who had the will to win as you. I know you will tutor the young players well.
Ronnie Fasset,
Dallas Texas


The unique coaching method at the quarterback position gets
the player ready for any game situations.
The drills of all the QB mechanics are fine tuned
through your tutoring.
David Weinman Attorney @ Law,
Los Angeles, California


Coach Jio,
Congratulations, on the Quarterbacks
Coach position at Pasadena college. The school
Carla Strong
Valencia, California

Dear Coach Lucci,
I want to send my "Thanks" to your Staff of Coaches,
in which the time and effort on every "detail" for every athlete
was truly impressive. I had 2 sons in the program, one
a quarterback the other a wide receiver and both are starting
at positions for their school. Their football coach was amazed
on how much they developed and matured by going to your
Combine. The boys will attend the Combine every year to
keep their skills in top form and always have the
edge. Please express my thanks to your coaches.
The drive was well worth it.
Best Regards
Demi Pastelleo,  San Dimas California
    To : Quarterback Combine / Coaching Staff

    Our staff viewed the 2012 Quarterback Combine. Remarks were
    "excellence in quarterback training".

    Now that another remarkable NFL season has concluded, let me express
    my gratitude. Your love of football is what makes the NFL special.

    As good as it’s been, I believe the NFL’s best days are ahead. Our
    responsibility in leading the league is to protect and enhance the bond
    between our game and the passionate fans who sustain it. We know we
    have to earn your trust every day and prove we are worthy of your
    amazing support.

    Our mission is captured very simply in these four words:
    Forever forward. Forever football. Thank you once again for your
    passion and commitment to the game we all love.

    Roger Goodell

Thank you Coach!
I appreciate your organization and it provided our youngsters with a great
learning day! Best of luck and please pass on my thanks to Courtney, she was
very organizeD as well.
Respectfully, Mike Christensen
    Just wanted to give you a HEADS UP that NICK JUELS who trained with you this has been
    named as the 8th Grade QB for the CAL STATE ALL-STAR GAME!  
    The game won’t take place until after his 8th grade season at Oaks Christian Middle School
    where he will also play QB.  I have been told he will be named in a couple of more NATIONAL
    ALL-STAR GAMES but I can’t make that announcement yet.   
    Just an FYI…..
    Thanks  a bunch he is really slinging it...

    Michael Juels, President

First off  please tell Coach Lucci that
he is a great Coach and his work with
and he developed a great
quarterback. He has several colleges
talking with him and he greatly
desires the opportunity to      play at
the next level and prove exactly just
how good he really is.  Highlights can
find some time to watch and enjoy
his work in action.  Coach Lucci is the
"man," and talk is cheap, so Cory will
keep working and working to get the
opportunity to really show what he
can do.

Much respect always     
Chris Mayes
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